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Reimagining McDonald’s Leicester with a Fresh Design

Project Details

  • Client
    McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd
  • Location
    East Gates, Leicester
  • Year
  • Contract Duration
    10 weeks


Eden EMC is proud to have been selected to undertake the first full refurbishment of McDonald’s Leicester restaurant, under the innovative ‘Natural Integrity’ theme. This globally unprecedented concept aims to imbue the store with a handcrafted ambiance, revolutionising the customer dining experience.

01 – Booth Seating

02 – Kiosk Areas


What we did

The project included the introduction of exciting new features like multi-level seating, stylish booths, and cutting-edge technology such as Aircharge, allowing customers to wirelessly charge their phones at their tables.

We also incorporated order kiosks and tablets throughout the restaurant. The refurbishment, valued at over £1Million, necessitated a full closure of the restaurant for ten weeks. Our dedicated in-house team worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure timely reopening, earning significant acclaim from our client.

Key design elements included distinctive wooden partitions for booths, creative cut-out food item separators between tables, and bespoke lighting installations, all expertly fitted by our in-house operatives. These elements were integral in achieving the unique ambiance envisioned by McDonald’s.

  • Seating & Lighting

  • Entrance Area

  • Seating Area

  • Seating Area

  • Well-designed bright seating area

  • Kiosk Area

  • Tablet Installation


    Collaborative Excellence and Detail-Oriented Construction

    In crafting this innovative space, Eden EMC coordinated closely with approved specialist subcontractors and McDonald’s direct suppliers. This collaboration was pivotal in delivering a high-quality finished product that precisely met McDonald’s stringent requirements. 

    In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, we also installed new sprinkler systems, mechanical and electrical components, modern male and female toilets with cubicles, and new shopfront frameless glazing. 

    Specialised tiles were custom-made for this concept, and furniture was sourced from Europe to complete the overall design, highlighting our commitment to detail and collaborative project management in realising this groundbreaking project.


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