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Cottons Hotel & Spa
Hotel & Spa

Cottons Hotel Revamp for Luxury and Comfort

Project Details

  • Client
    Shire Hotels
  • Location
    Cottons Hotel and Spa, Knutsford
  • Year


Eden EMC is honoured to have recently finalised a substantial £500k renovation at Cottons Hotel and Spa in Knutsford. This extensive project encompassed the complete makeover of the colonial lounge, pool reception, health and beauty spa, as well as the primary bar and restaurant.

01 – Balcony/Veranda

02 – Bar Area


What we did

The transformation began with the complete stripping of the existing lounge and adjacent corridor down to their core structures. During this process, we enlarged existing openings and installed new support steelwork. 

Following this, Eden EMC executed a comprehensive electrical overhaul and made significant alterations to the mechanical services. The refurbishment continued with first and second fix joinery, including the installation of new timber doors. 

We then laid new timber and stone flooring, installed new entrance doors, and added a sleek glass balustrade to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

  • Meeting Room Refitting

  • Cottons Hotel & Spa

    Courtyard Transformation

  • Cottons Hotel & Spa Balcony/Verandah


  • Cottons Hotel & Spa Balcony/Verandah


  • Cottons Hotel & Spa Bar



    Aesthetic and Functional Enhancements

    A critical part of the renovation was the introduction of a new beech glazed screen in the pool and lounge area, creating a distinct, yet cohesive, separation of the two spaces and forming a new lounge zone.

    Additionally, the existing reception desk was thoughtfully extended and fully refurbished to elevate the welcome experience. In the bar area, we conducted a thorough strip-out, laid new flooring, and carried out a complete redecoration. Our in-house decorating team ensured a finish of the highest quality.

    Importantly, since the hotel was operational during the renovation, certain areas like the reception and a small lounge were redecorated overnight to minimise disruption. This strategic approach enabled Eden EMC to deliver another triumphant project for Shire Hotels, all within a compact ten-week timeframe.


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